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We are still here! Just busy working on lots of stuff (including a new website with shiny portfolio).
Must do that newsletter too. Darn it.

Lots of work


After a big pitch, Do Good has been chosen to work on SCIAF's Wee Box campaign.


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ethical advertising.

Now there are two words you don’t see together often. But who says you can’t direct your creative abilities towards projects that aim to do good?

That’s why we set up do good advertising. To put this new, positive thinking into practice.

So how can we best sum up what makes us different from everyone else in our sector? Well, we only work with organisations and companies that help to contribute a positive effect on our society and the environment.

In other words, we like to think of ourselves as an agency with a conscience. And hopefully with our creative work and our business ethics we can do some good.


recycle logo on recycling bin

Forget the flash company cars, it's wobbly bicycles for us. From stationery on waste card to super efficient web hosting, we run our company in such a way to have as little impact on things as possible.

social marketing

socially aware

Super social marketing from the agency that only works on the good stuff. We try to be straightforward in all our business dealings. And hopefully we can have a positive effect on our community right the way down the line.