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Do Good Advertising is Stephen Simpson and Richard Rogers.

StephenCopywriter Stephen has worked in advertising agencies in both London and Scotland for over 15 years, working on clients such as Carlsberg Tetley, the Central Office of Information, Gleneagles Hotel and Strathclyde Police.

Tall RichardGraphic Designer Richard got his technical grounding in reprographics, print and pre-press before moving into graphic design. If Do Good Advertising had a warehouse full of press equipment, Richard could produce a print job from concept through to delivery of the finished printed product (but would probably grumble about it).

Stephenwhy do good?

It’s all about choice. As a business we choose to care about the environment and our community. We prefer to work in a totally transparent and honest way. And we have taken a decision to only work on projects that we feel strongly about or for companies that have similar values to ours.

So why shouldn’t other ethically run companies have the choice to work with an advertising agency that shares in its beliefs? That’s why Do Good Advertising was created. Now you can make a positive choice regarding your marketing.

But let’s not forget about the end product. We aim to produce strong creative work that is effective. And this we achieve by working closely with each client to make sure the marketing does the job it’s meant to.

We also aim to keep our costs as competitive as possible. We’re not about ‘making a fast buck’. Our bottom line is working on projects and with companies that we feel ultimately will lead to some good. Making money is good, but doing something positive with your talents is better. (Don’t tell the bank manager.)

office politics
recycle logo on recycling bin

We run our office in such a way to have as little impact on the environment as possible. That includes sharing our office with another company, Alan O'Hagan Advertising www.aohadvertising.com

Our office isn't yet what we would want it to be - but we're working on it. To really get what we want we are going to have to move - we just haven't found anywhere to move to yet. We like the idea of shipping containers or an old farm out-house somewhere, then we can play out our fantasies of low impact office frivolity in full.

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thighs of steel!

Question: What's the most efficient way to get about? An albatross gliding effortlessly through the sky's thermals? A solar powered car cruising on a sunny day? Or Richard pootling along on his bike?

Answer: Cycling is not only damned healthy and environmentally friendly, it's also the most efficient form of transport on Earth. Though, you wouldn't think that when you're honking up Hill Street!

Richard's crazy little bikeDo Good Advertising cycle everywhere they can. Combining journeys with bus and train where need be. So, hopefully you'll understand if we turn up for a meeting looking a little flustered.


do good causes

Do Good Advertising support all kinds of stuff. Here are a few examples:

John Muir Trust LogoDo Good Advertising are members of the John Muir Trust, one of the country’s leading guardians of wild land and wildlife. www.jmt.org

Centre for Alternative Technology LogoDo Good Advertising are members of the Centre for Alternative Technology. Based in Wales CAT is Europe's leading eco-centre showing practical solutions to environmental problems to carry us into the twenty-first century. www.cat.org.uk

Bees the Wrong Way Round LogoRichard contributes to
Bees the Wrong Way Round a website advising and supporting dyslexic people to overcome dyslexia. beesthewrongwayround.com

Ethical Junction Network Member Do Good Advertising is a member of the Ethical Junction Network. This network provides information on positively screened companies and organisations and links you through to ethical and sustainable products and services.